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Vortex is an "out of the box intranet / extranet" solution with a big difference. Vortex is a central database of important documents and company information based on a webserver. this solution comes into it's own when companies have workers either on the road or working from numerous locations who need to access central documents anywhere in the world without having to rely on sophisticated VPN technology to receive them.
Vortex is broken down into Zones so documents can be retrieved with the minimum of effort.
BENEFITS include:
  • A centre for communications with all staff, anywhere, anytime
  • Ability to share information & communicate with customers & suppliers
  • On line training to customers & staff
  • Internal email – from anywhere 
    even without an email account
  • Message Board, Chat rooms, 
    Company calendar & much more
  • Unlimited uploads to the zones
    and sub zones 
  • Web Based
  • Fast uploads by dedicated administration staff
  • At the users control not IT

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Windows Server NT/2000/2003

File Size:

10Mb Installed


Included (1Year)


Included (1 Year)




IIS Server

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Vortex is special because:
  • It is a ready built system – so can be customised very quickly
  • It is a cheap ready made solution – so there are no development costs.
  • It can be hosted by Accubiz – so no equipment or network is required
  • It is constantly being developed & maintained – so clients will benefit from continuous improvement 
  • New components added as part of the package

Welcome screen

Vortex for your business: 

The VORTEX solution will be customised for your business –so you can choose:

  • The branding
  • The structure of the zones & sub zones that contain the information
  • Who will be allowed to use it
VORTEX – bespoke solutions
We can also incorporate specific solutions that will enhance your business. Examples are:
  • A time / attendance system for a marketing company
  • A program that calculates the cost of finance for a motor company
Such solutions & other parts of VORTEX can be made exclusive or carry on-line charging. Quotes for such solutions are available as ‘add on’ developments.

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