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About Us

Accusoftware is the software trading arm of the business services company – Accubiz.
Accubiz has over 20 years experience in providing an outsource service of marketing, sales, IT, communications, finance & HR to successful businesses.

Accusoftware has been developed, following significant investment over the last three years, to trade the wide range of powerful & often unique software solutions that have been developed for clients.

All our products are tried & tested. They have been further developed to be suitable to any organisation with the applications need.

Accusoftware is very proud of its’ quality & service record. All our products are continuously improved & updated and clients will always find our service to be prompt, efficient and effective. 

The Solutions are typically designed for medium size organisations with a distributed workforce. Our key client – FDS Group provides Marketing & Sales services – and many of our solutions are strongly oriented towards supporting such organisations.

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