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Task Manager is a client server application running on a SQL server backbone specifically designed for small to medium companies who have service departments that need to track requests or tasks throughout the whole process from request to conclusion
Task manager graphically shows where most resources are being used and gives managers an accurate picture of how tasks are managed by staff. global alerts can be set on the different priorities so tasks and requests can be dealt with within a specified time
BENEFITS include:
  • Fast communication of client needs
  • Management reporting on progress
  • Manages allocation to cost centres
  • Complete history of task or request
  • SQL Server backbone
  • Priority alerts 
  • Simple deployment over network
  • Additional web based client for external workers
  • On screen notification of task arrival
  • Low disk volume needed for database
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Windows 2000/2003/XP

File Size:

5Mb Installed


Included (1Year)


Included (1 Year)




SQL Server 2000

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Task Manager is special because:
  • It is a ready built system – so can be customised very quickly
  • It is constantly being developed & maintained – so clients will benefit from continuous improvement 


Main administration screen

      Task Manager capabilities: 
  • Submit timed requests by person, category, cost centre, and priority.
  • Windows and web-based client user interface.
  • Add multiple actions per task, each of which is optionally chargeable.
  • User interface helps with prioritisation of tasks.
  • Tasks can have more than one person working on them simultaneously
  • Automatic generation of tickets
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