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Server Monitor Lite constantly runs in the background and enables you to closely monitor your server and immediately notify you of problems via SMS and Email.

Server Monitor is a monitoring application that runs on a separate network connection to the server you are monitoring.

When the server you are monitoring goes down for any reason, for example a power cut or Internet connection loss, Server Monitor can be setup to send an email and/or send an SMS directly to your mobile phone.
Group Text Messenger provides the SMS functionality and this needs to be installed and registered before you can have Server Monitor send SMS alerts.
You can configure many aspects of Server Monitor, including the number of failed responses before you get an alert, or the delay between each packet sent to the server.
BENEFITS include:
  • Notify you via email and/or SMS if a server stops responding.
  • Notify you via email and/or SMS when the server is responding.
  • Can save you money if a mission critical system goes down.
  • Save you time and energy.
  • Raise customer satisfaction by dealing with alerted problems quickly.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Small yet powerful.

Server Monitor "WINS" Awards

Sofotex Top Award Top Award
Brothersoft Top Award
WorldSSP Top Award
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Windows 2000/2003/XP

File Size:

1Mb Installed


Included (1Year) with pro version


 (1 Year) with pro version



Required: .net framework
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Server Monitor is special because:
  • It works in the background and informs you of problems
  • You can choose how you are notified
  • If you purchase the pro version all updates are FREE for 1 year


Actual size Start/ Stop Screen

      Server Monitor
Once the server is back and responding to packets, Server Monitor will send another alert via your chosen method, to let you know that the server is back and responding.

Server Monitor Lite has many features, but is limited to monitoring one server at a time. For unlimited server monitoring and other advanced features, then try our Server Monitor Pro.

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