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Accusoftware File Catalogue is a file indexing tool that keeps records of all file's irrespective of location, you choose to index, and has fully searchable support for wildcards either at file or folder level.
If you have handmade CD's, you can index the CD using File Catalogue and then click a button and have a front and back Jewel case cover created with a title, date and the first 30 files on the CD so you will never forget what you have on your CD's again.
Once a drive or folder has been indexed, it can be searched, which includes support for wildcards, and is generally much faster than the default search tool that comes with Windows.
BENEFITS include:

  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Extremely fast operating speed.
  • Generally faster than the Windows search tool (when searching indexed locations).
  • Index any location, for example CD, Hard Drive and Network Drives.
  • Fresh new look which will be familiar to any Windows XP user.
  • Fully searchable catalogues using a combination of wildcards.
  • Ability to print CD Jewel case labels so you know exactly what's on your CDs.
  • File Catalogue is 100% free to register.
  • It never expires and is not limited in any way.

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Windows 2000/2003/XP

File Size:

1.7Mb Installed







Required: .net framework
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